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Easy Ways To Keep Pests Out Of Your Ducted AC System

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The design of ducted air conditioning systems is such that pests and pets are likely to get into the system through the ductwork. These pests can damage system components, and their presence and waste deposits may interfere with proper airflow.

To avoid such problems, here is how you can keep pests out of your ducted air conditioning system.

Take Care of Vent Entries

Using mesh material over your air vents will help to keep out pests without interfering with the flow of air. Mesh is long-lasting and, unlike grills, can keep out even the smallest of pests such as insects out of your ducted air conditioning system.

Make a point of inspecting your vent covers every so often. Any cover that is worn-out or damage must be repaired or otherwise replaced immediately. Both repair and replacement are generally inexpensive, and you can be sure of the value you will be getting out of the money you spend.

Seal Your Ductwork

Ensure that every crack in your ducts, however small it may seem, is sealed. Such holes and cracks provide an excellent entry point for pests. The kind of pests that get in will depend on the size of the crack, so don't put off fixing that hole in your ducted air conditioning system that is wide enough for a big mouse to squeeze through.

Regular inspection will reveal any problem areas in your ductwork, including holes and cracks. In addition to keeping out critters, sealing your ductwork will ensure your system runs at peak efficiency.

Clear the Area Around Outdoor Unit

Apart from the ductwork itself, pests can also enter your ducted air conditioning system through the outdoor unit. Experts will ensure they choose a great spot for the installation that is not likely to attract pests. Such a spot will be a good distance from nearby bushes and grass, in addition to some elevation from the ground.

As the property owner, ensure that you keep any clutter that would attract pests away from your outdoor unit. Be prompt about cutting down and clearing bushes or any other vegetation that threatens to grow too close to your unit.

Apart from choosing a good spot for the installation of your outdoor unit, much of what it takes to keep the different types of pests out of your ducted air conditioning system lies in proper maintenance. An AC services technician will seal your ducts and cover your vent entries as may be necessary.