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Is Dry Air Becoming A Problem In Your Home? Stay Safe And Get A Humidifier For Your Furnace

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A house shouldn't be so dry in the winter that your skin cracks and your nose bleeds. This isn't just bad for your health, but it's also bad for the structure of the home. If the air in your house is so dry in the winter months that there is static all the time, your throat is dry, and your floors creek, it's time to get help.

You need to have an HVAC system installation company come to your house to asses the problem and provide you with humidification and upgrade options. Consider these things to make the necessary changes.  

Dry Air Can be Dangerous

Very dry air in the home can be dangerous. This can make the house more susceptible to fires, and more house fires occur during the winter months than any other time of year. Have the furnace you have now checked for electrical complications, have the filter changed, and figure out how you can end the dry air, so this isn't a concern for you. Dry wood and other building materials can also cause structural concerns.

Your Health Could be Taking the Hit

A dry throat and nose are left more sensitive and exposed to bacteria and respiratory illness and complications.  The dry air can also irritate problems like asthma and cause an abundance of dust to trigger allergies. Getting the house at a healthy humidity level can help avoid sickness during the winter that could be caused by the dry air in the home.

Humidification is an Easy Installation Option

Have a humidifier installed on the furnace. This unit will put moisture into the air as it's produced and pushed through the home. This requires little to no maintenance from you, and the professionals just install the humidifier by attaching it to the actual heating unit so space shouldn't be a concern. You will also want to check your home for air leaks, so moisture isn't being sucked out of the house.

If your furnace is so old that a humidifier can't be installed, or if the inspection doesn't go well and the heating and cooling professionals think that your unit is a safety hazard or too inefficient, it may be time to get a new furnace. Talk with the HVAC system installation service professional to see what the cost would be for a new unit, how long the installation would take, and what humidity control options you would have on the new heating unit.