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How Long Will It Take To Install My AC Unit

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When it's time to have an AC installed, you might wonder how long you will have to wait before the installation is finished. There are several factors that affect how long it will take to install your AC unit. 

Window AC vs. Central Air

If you have a large property, a window air conditioner might not cut it. When you install central air, you'll have chilled air pumped throughout your home. You could choose to simply have a window air unit put in, which may only take two days. But it may be worth waiting a few extra days for central air.

The Size of Your Home

One of the factors that affects the length of time before your AC unit installation is finished is how large your home is. This will affect how much ductwork needs to be installed and the time that must be spent designing the layout of the AC installation. 

Installing a New Unit

New AC installations take more time than simply having an AC unit change-out. When you have a ventilation system that needs to be installed for your home, this will require that it not only be designed but also put in place. This will typically take 6-7 days to complete. 

The Location of Your Home

The location of your home affects how long it will take to install an AC unit. If you simply need the AC unit to be installed in your backyard, this will be easier to perform than if you live in a high-rise apartment. If you will be installing your AC in an inconvenient location, you can expect the installation to take a day or two.

How Soon You Made an Appointment

In addition to the time it takes to install an AC, it's important to also consider whether or not the AC installation company will be available. It's important to book an appointment with an AC installation specialist far in advance. For example, if you're moving into a home, the last thing you want is to have to wait while it's hot outside for your AC unit to be installed. 

If you are planning on replacing one type of AC unit with another and installing ductwork so that you can have central air, the best time to have this done is when it's not hot outside. Because the new AC installation can take several days, you'll want to schedule an appointment for a full AC installation as soon as possible.