Upgrading Your AC Unit

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Keeping Your Commercial Air Conditioning Running Properly

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Commercial air conditioning is not that much different than residential air conditioning, but the AC in a commercial building runs a lot more. The air conditioning in commercial settings keeps the building temperature balanced and comfortable. Proper service is critical to keeping it running the way it should be. 

Regular Inspections

One of the most important things you need to consider is preventative maintenance on the C unit. The best way to avoid a problem with the system is to have it inspected regularly so that the tech can see any problems before they cause a breakdown. A worn-out belt could break if it is not changed, causing the entire unit to shut down, and you may not notice it until the unit is not running. 

Schedule a regular inspection with your AC company every six months or so, and be sure that they do a full check of the system every time they are on-site. 

Keep the Unit Clear

If your air conditioning unit is on the ground with bushes and plants around it, keep the area clear around the unit. A couple of feet is all the clearance it needs, but if you allow plants and shrubs to grow close to the air conditioning unit, they can close off the air inlets and cause the unit to run hot. This can cause the early failure of parts inside the air conditioner. 

Not only is the air conditioner not going to function at that point, but it is also going to cost you money to repair it. A little maintenance of the grass and plants around the unit could stop that from happening and save you a lot of money in the long run. 

Change the Filters

The air conditioner has several air filters that need to be changed regularly. The interior filters where the air comes into the building function to keep dust out of the intake and out of the duct work. If these filters are clogged, air will not pass through them and the entire system will shut down. The AC unit has a sensor in the system to detect if pressure is building up behind the filter and will not allow it to continue to run without airflow. 

The filters inside the building are located at the cold air returns and filter the air moving around the building. These filters can also shut down the system so they need to be checked and replaced as needed to ensure that the unit continues running as it should.