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Troubleshooting Your Ductless Air Conditioning System

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It used to be that a home that didn't have a central air conditioning unit had only one other option—putting in a window unit. In recent years, however, ductless air conditioning has become a viable option for those whose homes would be difficult to retrofit with a central air conditioning unit or found the option cost-prohibitive. A ductless air conditioning system has many advantages over both central AC and window units, one of which is that it is quieter. Additionally, a ductless system has fewer parts than central air conditioning, which means the system is reliable and only occasionally needs repair. While repairs are rare, here is a look at three things that can go wrong.

The Interior Unit Won't Turn On

Ductless split air conditioning systems are located high on a wall or even on the ceiling; therefore, they use a remote to power on and control the unit. When your air conditioning unit won't turn on, your first step should be to check the batteries in the remote, as this is the usual cause. If this doesn't solve our problem, however, you may have blown the circuit breaker. If upon checking you find the switch is tripped, go ahead and turn it back on. This will likely fix the problem, but if it trips again, it's time to call for ductless air repair service. Your electrical may need to be upgraded or the unit itself may need repair.

The Room Isn't Cooling

Anytime any type of air conditioner doesn't cool, whether it's central air conditioning, a window unit, or a ductless AC, the usual cause is there isn't enough refrigerant in the system. This is usually due to a leak somewhere. Do not continue to run the air conditioner in the hopes it will eventually "catch up" when you notice it's not cooling, as doing so can ruin the compressor or other parts, leading to more expensive repairs. Homeowners cannot recharge the refrigerant themselves, so you will need to call a service professional. They will identify the leak(s), seal them, and then recharge the system.

Water Is Leaking From The Interior Unit

Condensation may be normal from a window unit, but it is far from normal in a ductless split AC system. Immediately turn all units in the system off and call for service. Water can damage not only the units themselves but also your home.

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