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HVAC: Don't Believe The Wrong Info

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When it comes to your home's HVAC system, you don't want to just believe anything someone tells you about your system unless the person who is giving you the advice is a technician. There are a lot of things that seem like they would be one way with HVAC systems when in reality the opposite is actually true. Doing the wrong things can be costly because they can lead to the need for expensive fixes and in extreme cases even complete replacement. Here are some things some people believe that are not correct.

It's better to run your HVAC system without a filter than with a dirty one

Some people believe when they see their filter is dirty that they are doing the system a favor by removing the filter and running the system without one until they are able to get to the store to buy more filters. While running the system with a dirty filter is bad, it is a far better decision than running the system with none at all. If you are determined to run the unit and can't get replacement filters immediately, the next best thing to do is to take the filter out and shake off whatever dust you can. However, you'll want to replace that dirty one ASAP!

It's not good to spray water inside of the condenser's housing

Some people don't think it is okay to spray hose water inside of the housing unit located outside their home that covers the condenser for the system. However, the housing unit takes on elements such as rain, wind, and snow, so it has been designed to protect the inner workings from water damage. In fact, it is actually a good idea for you to take the garden hose and sprayer to spray inside of the housing through the vents to blow out any dirt and other debris that has made its way inside of the unit. This is also a good way for you to make sure that you put a fast end to any pests living inside of the housing.

Closing off the vents in rooms you don't need cooled or heated saves money

Some people think closing vents in unused rooms will mean the system doesn't cool or heat as much air and therefore will save them money. However, no matter how many vents are closed, the system will still work the same, but it will just force more out open vents. In fact, this habit can cause a system imbalance that will not be good for it.

If you need help with HVAC services, reach out to a local technician.