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Don't Forget About Radiant Heat As A Home Heating Option

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Are you looking for a way to heat your home that is a bit more comfortable than a forced air furnace? If so, the answer to your problems will be radiant in floor heating. It provides heat with a level of comfort that cannot be matched with a forced air system. Here are a few things to know about this heating method so that you can make an informed decision.

Radiant Heat Has Energy Options

You may not realize that you actually have options about what kind of radiant heating system is installed in your home. The two options are hydronic and electric-powered heat, and the differences are very notable. Hydronic heat is going to be cheaper to run over the years, which is due to the water being capable of withholding heat for a long time after it is in the pipe. However, hydronic heat requires a more complicated installation with the need for water pipes and tubing. Electric radiant heat will provide heat very quickly after the system is turned on, but it's going to lose its heat shortly after turning off.

Overall, you'll find that electric radiant heating works great for remodeling single rooms, and hydronic heat works well for when you are building or remodeling an entire house.

Radiant Heat Is Comfortable

Ever noticed how forced air heating has hot spots in the room when you are right next to a vent, and cold spots in corners or underneath tables and desks? This is one problem that is solved with radiant heat. The heat rises upward from beneath the floor, so you feel it the most on your feet that are touching the floor. The heat will rise to the top of the room, but first warms your body rather than the ceiling. This helps make the heat feel more comfortable than any other type of heating system available.

Radiant Heat Has Zones

Do the people in your home always fight over the thermostat? This is a problem that cannot be avoided with forced air heating ,since heat is flowing to every single room. When installing radiant heat, it can actually be placed in different zones. This gives everyone their own personal climate controls at night to maximize their own comfort. If someone is feeling too cold, they can turn up their individual zone without affecting the comfort of anybody else in the home.

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