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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Space Heaters?

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For the most part, it is a good idea to have your home outfitted with some type of integrated home heating system. However, if you have moved into a house that has no integrated heat source or the one it has is non-functional, space heaters are the next best thing until you get something better. Space heaters are portable heaters that you plug into an outlet and use wherever you need heat, and they come in many different varieties. However, no matter how convenient this heat source is for you, these heaters do have their pros and cons to consider. 

Pro: Space heaters are an inexpensive home heating option. 

Head to a local department or retail store and you can find all kinds of space heaters that you can probably afford to pick up. These heaters have a broad range of prices, which means most people have no problem buying one if they need something as a temporary heat source for their home. 

Con: Space heaters can be expensive to operate. 

Space heaters are designed to be convenient, and not all of them are designed for long-term use. Therefore, you could easily get a space heater that is going to cost you quite a bit to operate. Additionally, most of the models you can pick up for a low price will only be able to heat a small area, so you will have to run multiple heaters to heat the entire house; this can definitely drive up the costs of your power bill every month. 

Pro: Space heaters are excellent as a backup heating source. 

Maybe your heat pump isn't doing so well because of an extended period of freezing temperatures. Perhaps you need a heat source to use while a contractor makes repairs to your home heating system. These are perfect instances when having a space heater around will be highly advantageous. These heaters are small enough that they can be tucked away in a closet or in your garage and pulled out at a moment's notice. 

Con: Space heaters can be dangerous to use. 

According to NewsWise, an estimated 25,000 residential fires -- and 300 deaths -- are caused every year by space heaters. This is a scarily high number for sure. Space heaters, unlike central heat systems, rely on the consumer to set the heater up in a safe way, and unfortunately the numbers prove how many times consumers don't do so and end up with a fire in their home because of it. 

If you're depending on space heaters because your home heating system isn't working as it should, contact your local heating maintenance services for more information.