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Three Tips For Helping Keep Your Home Cool

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An air conditioning system that is not operating at peak efficiency can significantly degrade the comfort of being in your home. You will be able to combat these issues by enhancing the performance of your home's air conditioning system. While many homeowners will assume this must be done through replacing the entire air conditioning system, there are several fairly basic tips that can be utilized to keep your home cool when the outdoor temperature rises.

Seal And Insulate Ducting

For homes that have central air conditioning, there will be a series of ducts that will transport the conditioned air throughout the house. These ducts are not a continuous piece. Rather, they are composed of several segments of ducting that are attached to each other. Where the sections of ducting meet can be a source of air leaks, and this can cause much of the cooled air to escape the system long before it reaches the interior rooms. By sealing and insulating the ducting, you can greatly minimize the air loss that occurs from these gaps.

Strategically Use Shade

Shade can be an excellent way of helping to keep your home cool. Unfortunately, there are homeowners that assume large trees will be the only source of sufficient shade. However, it is possible to install awnings near the windows to minimize the amount of sunlight that enters the house.

Shade can also be used to directly increase the performance of your air conditioning unit. The metal that is used to make these systems can become very hot. This heat will cause the unit to have to expend more energy to cool air as it will have to compensate for the additional heat. Installing an awning near your air conditioner can be a cost effective way of shading the unit so that this heat is not a drag on the performance of the system.

Consider Using Evaporative Coolers In Rooms That Get Particularly Hot

There are likely to be some rooms in your home that are prone to getting much hotter than the rest of the structure. This can be due to the design of the room, its construction or location. Luckily, you do not have to endure an uncomfortable room as there are evaporative cooling units that can be used in these rooms to supplement your central air conditioning. When using an evaporative cooler, avoid placing one in the same room as the thermostat as this could lead to the thermostat failing to activate the air conditioner.

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