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Shopping For A Better Air Conditioner? 2 New Features You Should Look For

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The day your air conditioner sputters to a halt, you might dread shopping for a new unit. However, replacing your air conditioner might give you the opportunity to take advantage of cutting edge technologies that didn't exist when your old unit was built. Here are two new air conditioning features you should look for:

1: Antimicrobial Materials

Wouldn't it be nice if your air conditioning unit could clean itself? Although it might sound like a feature of the future, some modern air conditioners have components made from antimicrobial materials like copper. Copper particles actually punch holes in the cell membranes of bacteria, killing the pathogen. Here are a few places you might find antimicrobial materials, and how they could benefit your new air conditioner:

  • Reduce Smells: As your air conditioner runs, it constantly pulls water out of the air. However, as time goes on, this moisture can accumulate on your air handler, wetting nearby insulation and prompting mold growth. To fend off the bad smells that mold can cause, some air conditioners contain insulation treated with antimicrobial materials. This high-tech insulation can also wick water away from your system, so that rust and corrosion don't have time to destroy your HVAC equipment.  
  • Fend Off Allergens: Some air conditioners even use air filters made with strands of antimicrobial materials, so that they kill germs on contact. As air is brought in from outside and circulated through your home, it can be purified to fend off allergens.   
  • Prevent Blockages: Bad smells and aggravated allergies aren't the only issues a little mold growth can cause. If mold develops into large chunks, it can get caught in drainage lines, which can make your evaporator coil drip pan overflow and cause water damage. Fortunately, some systems contain copper drip pans, which help to reduce bacteria and mold levels and keep drainage lines flowing.

Because air conditioners fitted with antimicrobial components attack mold and blockages before they cause problem, the actual system is much more efficient. In fact, one copper air conditioner prototype made by a Chinese company has been found to be 56% more efficient than other models with the same capacity.  

2: Handheld Remote Controls

With modern-day luxuries like direct deposit, you don't have to run to the bank anymore to deposit a check, so why should you run upstairs to adjust your thermostat? Some air conditioners even come  with easy-to-use remote controls, so that you can adjust your thermostat from anywhere in your home. Here are a few reasons this feature might be especially helpful:

  • Impaired Mobility: If you have impaired mobility due to an injury or old age, it might not be possible to jog down the hall whenever you aren't comfortable. However, with the simple touch of a button, you might be able to turn on your air conditioner, run the fan, or adjust the relative humidity level.
  • Overnight: When you are half asleep, it might be difficult to figure out why your air conditioner is still running. However, if you keep your air conditioning remote control by your bedside, you might be able to make changes without even finding your slippers.

Because remote controls make it so easy to adjust your thermostat, you can customize your home's temperature to suit your needs 24/7. In addition to making your home more comfortable, you might also be able to save a little money on heating and cooling. After all, when it is easier to turn off that air conditioner before you leave or switch the fan on when it cools down outside, you might find yourself running your system less often.

By investing in a state-of-the-art air conditioner, you might be able to enjoy modern day conveniences that will make your home feel like a palace. For more information, contact a local HVAC company like Now Heating & Air