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How To Keep Wasps From Nesting In Your Air Conditioner

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One problem you may face when operating an air conditioner during the spring is that wasps may decide to build their nest inside the unit. If this happens, they could easily end up inside your home. In addition, even if wasps don't build a nest in your air conditioner, they might make their way through the crevices and gaps around the unit unless you have taken steps to prevent this.

Given how many people are allergic to wasp stings and how unpleasant they are even if you're not allergic, it's well worth taking the time to make sure they won't be coming into your home through your air conditioner:

Step 1. Examine the area around your air conditioner for any signs of cracks or gaps. For any small openings, use a caulking gun to seal the cracks with a bead of caulk. If you have larger openings, seal these gaps using a spray can of expanding foam.

Step 2. Make sure there is no pet food lying around outside your home close to the air conditioning unit. Wasps are drawn to various foods, including sweets and proteins. Once they have detected food in an area, they will keep coming back to that spot.

Step 3. If you have any garbage cans close to your air conditioner, relocate them. Otherwise, the smell of the rotting food will attract wasps.

Step 4. If you have a fruit tree anywhere near your air conditioning unit, make sure that you immediately pick up any fruit that falls to the ground, since this will also attract wasps.

Step 5. Place water traps near your air conditioner. Add something sweet or small pieces of meat to the water in order to draw the wasps inside. You should empty this trap on a regular basis. If you don't, enough dead wasps will accumulate at the bottom that the trap will no longer be effective.

Step 6. Use the principle of the scarecrow to keep wasps away. You can do this by attaching a fake wasp nest to your air conditioning unit. Wasps will not come near any wasp nest that is not their own.

Step 7. When the summer ends and your air conditioner is no longer in use, cover it with a waterproof tarp. This will ensure that wasps won't be able to hibernate inside the unit. Make sure that you secure the tarp with bungee cords so it can't blow away. To learn more, contact a company such as Affordable Group Inc- Heating & Cooling Specialist with any questions or concerns you have.